Thursday, 28 August 2008


Why aren’t there more lesbian sets in porn mags, is a question we’ve all asked ourselves before, but fear not, at last there’s a mag out there that caters to all our fanny-on-fanny desires: Club International Dirty Doubles makes its debut on the top shelf this month, with 23 of the most horny babes in the world licking on each other’s labias like they were Strawberry Mivvis on the hottest day in June!
Lisa is on the shrinks couch with Doctor Peaches, who prescribes a session of muff diving to relieve the pressures of modern life, while Club fave Stella gets all moist over Cindy’s sweet buns.
But that’s not all, porn star of the moment, Boroka Bolls, gets herself all in a twist in a red hot three way pussy licking spectacular with Candy and Cayenne, three blondes, three pussies… the only thing missing is you!
So stop fretting over the lack of gash-to-gash action and pick up your copy of Dirty Doubles today! Out Now!

MEN ONLY 73.09 on sale today

If there’s anything that sets our hearts racing faster than a Lewis Hamilton qualifying lap, it’s a sexy girl in a uniform! And this month we’ve got the stunning beauty that is Keira decked out in a cock teasing maid's outfit – breakfast is served, sir, where would you like me to put it, on your lap or perhaps sir would like it fed straight into his mouth?!?
For fans of boobs that are too much for one pair of hands to deal with, we’ve got the Jug-tastic Jessica who was a real handful, refusing to put down the vibrator and get on with the job in hand, while the equally blessed Angel proves that you can’t judge a girl by her name (unless she’s actually called Randy L’il Devil and uses Angel as her stage name!). And for readers who like a bit of hair on their pie there’s the kinky set of Jelena, sporting some very sexy white leather knee-high boots – though when she’s down on her knees giving us the third eye wink it’s very easy to miss them! And of course we’ve got the babe of UK babes, Michelle Thorne, wanking herself silly over all your filthy fantasies! Get ready for another amazing issue of Men Only, on the shelves in time for your morning glories August 28th!

Escort 28.09 out now!

Have a good wank holiday weekend? Yeah, so did we. Took the obligatory trip to B&Q and guess who we saw going wild in the aisles? None other than Shay. Now there’s a wife we wouldn’t mind nailing. Still, at least she was up for a few saucy snaps which are featured in the latest issue of Escort which should be taking pride of place on your newsagent’s top shelf right about… now! So grab a copy, take it home and quite literally do-it-yourself!

Thursday, 21 August 2008

MensWorld – Brand New Issue

MensWorld Volume 20 No. 9 hits the shelf today, and it’s a bit of a cracker, as we welcome blonde hottie and Euro porn starlet Monica Sweetheart. She’s hotter than a barbeque on the Sun, and twice as saucy as Levi Roots. Seriously, you don’t want to miss this exclusive set! As well as Monica, we’ve also got the delectable sight of Heni stripping by the pool, blonde cutie Natalie playing with herself, Irena tearing her way out of a full body stocking, Codi flashing her big boobies and covergirl Jana squeezing her butt into (and then out of) a tight pair of sexy gold hot pants! We also have more invaluable insights from SuperMarino, on the subject of double-teaming birds with your mates, L.A. porno superbabe Penny Flame answers our daft questions, resident slut RenĂ©e helps with more of your problems, and we’ve got all the reviews, filth and mucky letters you could want! And even better than that, we’re also bringing you a bonus bumper XXX DVD, jam-packed with hot lesbo action, in the form of Sandy’s Club 3. So there you go, the hottest babes, the filthiest features and a mucky DVD to round it all off. Take a dead fish down the shops to hit your newsagent in the face with, just in case he’s run out!

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Just Girls OUT NOW

If you go down to your newsagents today you’re sure of a big surprise – and we mean big. 32GG to be precise because that’s the size of filth-pot Faith’s mouth-watering mammaries gracing the cover of Just Girls volume 29 number 9.

And it gets better. Dive inside and you’re in for a triple treat as Lezzie Lovers Jana, Natasha and Jan go thirds on each others’ fannies. Add a hint of Peaches, a touch of Angel, lashings of Layla and a whole bevy of beautiful babes getting down and dirty and you’ll realise Just Girls don’t do things by halves.

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Lezzie Lovers

Originally published in Just Girls Volume 21 Issue 11
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