Thursday, 31 July 2008


In case you were wondering what that murmuring of excitement around the country has been today, let me explain its cause… there's a new Men Only on the shelves! That's right, another month has flown by, which means that it's time for a newssagent near you to be stocking a spanking new selection selection of succulent snatch!

And once again we reckon we've put together something for just about everyone, with the luscious Heather and Giovanna catering to those who like a bit of stocking-tops on their strumpets, while out-and-out boob-lovers will have more than their hands full trying to get to grips with Laura and top UK porn interviewee Carmel Moore. And just in case you're feeling a little under the weather, Sister Dora will give you a shot of just what the doctor ordered! A bit more of that sort of thing on the NHS and the government could surely put its electoral worries long behind it. Enjoy!


Yes, we know it’s the middle of summer and it’s getting quite warm outside but what better way to cool off then grabbing hold of a copy of Escort DVD 14 on sale today?

The latest issue contains the usual mix of mucky minxes, wicked wives and dirty dykes posing for your pleasure but there’s a special treat on the accompanying DVD – exclusive scenes from Film Erotica’s recent Mont Blanc bonk fest Chalet Girls. It’s snowballs all round as Escort faves Renee and Katie K plus the fresh and fuckable talent that is Theo and Gabby get up to no good with each other and a couple of randy snowboard instructors in the French ski resort.

Aria Giovanni

Originally published in Men Only Volume 67 Issue 1
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Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Escort 28.08 on sale tomorrow!

Now that it looks like we’re finally getting the summer weather we’ve been begging for since last year what better time to drop the brand new issue of Escort on you. Vol. 28 no. 8 is in shops on Thursday 31 July and features the UK’s filthiest wives and dirtiest doggers.

What do you get when you cross a tart who looks like, and acts as filthily as, Lolly Badcock with massive tits? You get the jug-tastic Jennifer who according to her discreet tattoo is born for porn. Throw in binge drinking, binge smoking and binge bonking Bonnie, top gear tart Sarah, party pussy Gabby and Leah and a whole host of other gagging-for-it girls and you’re in for one wank-tastic read.

Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Jo Guest

Originally published in MensWorld Volume 17 Issue 2
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Monica Sweetheart

This set of Monica Sweetheart is so hot it hasn't even been printed yet. Just a peak of what we have in store for you in MensWorld Volume 20 Issue 9 due on sale 21st August. Enjoy!

Interview: Jana Cova

It’s always the sexiest ones that never do boy/girl porn... But at least Jana Cova loves to eat pussy!

How did you get into the business?
I was 19-years-old when my friend introduced me to a Czech agent. I started slowly, doing nude pictorials for European magazines. When I was 21, my friend introduced me to her Los Angeles agent and I then started working exclusively for him. At that time, I moved on to doing girl/girl videos, which I love. And in 2005, I signed an exclusive contract with Digital Playground.

What was it like, stepping onto a porn set for the first time?
I did my first scene with a girl named Natasha. I had no idea what to do because I had never been with a girl before, even though I had always been attracted to them. She was nice and did all the work – I was just enjoying my first experience with a woman. It was for the movie Blue Jeans Blondes 4.

What have you learned, sexually, from the industry?
I learned all kinds of naughty things! One of them is that girls lick pussy better than guys, but guys fuck harder than girls. That’s why I like both. But, until now, I never had the chance to have both at the same time. Maybe it’s good that way – I would be worried
that the other two might forget about me!

Who are your favourite co-stars?
I have so many favourite female co-stars, but the one I like most lately is Jesse Jane. We recently did such a great scene together for Hot Rod For Sinners. It was the last sex scene of the day. We were dressed in tight jeans with little red tops and we had very sexy red lipstick on. Jesse was sitting on the floor, playing with a lollipop, and I came to her and grabbed the lollipop. She grabbed me and started taking my clothes off. Then she pushed me onto the floor, spread my legs and started licking me like crazy.

After she was done with that, she moved me onto my knees and started fucking me from behind with her fingers and then with a toy that looked like a gun. Then she took the lollipop and started rubbing my pussy with it and licking my juices off it.

Then it was my turn so she pushed her pussy in my face and I did her with the lollipop. After the scene was done, I was so exhausted! Jesse is great. She is full of energy and fucks like nobody else. Usually, the girls I work with are acting like I am a glass doll, but I love hard fucking! I don’t know so many male co-stars because I don’t work with guys. But the one I always see on sets is Scott Nails. I saw him naked and, shit, his dick is huge! It almost scares me!

What kind of guys and girls are you attracted to?
I have always liked older guys, strong, with nice eyes and a smile. A guy who can be goofy but smart too, who can make me laugh and who knows how to take care of me. And girls, it’s simple! I like pretty, hot girls with a nice natural body and a smooth pussy.

Do you watch porn?
I do watch porn movies, as long as I’m not alone. My ex-boyfriend loved to watch porn movies and one night, when we watched a really horrible one, he started acting like a male porn star and wanted to fuck me the same, like the guy he’d seen on the TV. He was making all those weird poses and I ended up with a broken arm. Thank fuck I’m not with that guy anymore. But yes, I like watching porn movies, especially the girl/girl scenes.

Are there any limits for you in sex?
I do have limits in my sex life. I don’t do boy/girl, I don’t do any weird shit like hard bondage or fucking a guy’s arse with a strap on. I didn’t do any anal for a long time but I do it now, with a toy, exclusively for my website:

Do you masturbate?
I masturbate a lot. I don’t need to use dildos but I have a pocket rocket. I just got a new, stronger one from one of my fans. He always sends me new toys – I have a big box full of them. I tried it a few minutes ago and I love it, I can come so many times when I’m using it. I always take one with me wherever I go. When I am stuck in a traffic jam I use it, when I am bored I use it. Not long ago, I was in the airport, waiting for a connecting flight, and I got so horny but I didn’t have my rocket with me, so I turned on the vibration on my mobile phone and I did it with that! It works, too!

What has been your best sexual experience so far?
Always when I’ve been out of town for a while and I come back to my man. That’s the best sex: oral, doggy, hard fucking, coming in my mouth...

What is your biggest turn on?
Oral sex. It doesn’t matter if it is a guy or a girl going down on me, as long as they know what they are doing.

Do you actually come when you’re filming sex scenes?
Not always, it really depends on who I am working with and if the other girl is really into it. I am always into it when I have a hot girl...

What’s your favourite position?
Doggy. I love it because I can feel it really deep and I can play with my clit at the same time.

What’s the weirdest place, off camera, you’ve had sex?
I had sex in a steam room. I thought I would die in there, it was so hot! There were no other people, we thought nobody would see us. But we didn’t know they had a little camera in there, so the ladies on the front desk saw us and said if we did it again we’d have to leave the hotel!

And the most bizarre scene you’ve shot?
I did a scene with a British girl. In her photos she looked great but when I got to the set I was in shock – she was fat and had huge natural boobs, she could’ve killed me with them! But I did the shoot anyway. While I was pretending to come (it was too hard to really have an orgasm) I opened my mouth and she spat into it. It was disgusting! I ran into the bathroom and we didn’t even finish the scene. I still feel sick thinking about it.

Originally published in Men Only Volume 72 Issue 10
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