Friday, 27 June 2008


There are some things worth waiting a month for... your pay cheque, The Sky At Night and the missus finally coming off the blob, but here's the best of the lot... your free 2 hour-long, custom-made, ridiculously rude Escort DVD, on sale 31st July.

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You're sitting there with your coffee (or tea, if you want to be picky), and you can't decide which savoury or sweet snack to munch on. Happens all the time, doesn't it? Well, lately we've been tucking into these babies...

Although personally, I prefer a nice mouthful of...

(We were sent these pics, but they probably came from

Thursday, 26 June 2008

MensWorld – ON SALE TODAY!

Hi guys, just thought I’d let you know that the latest issue of MensWorld is in the shops TODAY! Starring on the front cover is ex-Playboy model turned super hot US porn star Sandee Westgate, who graces us with her presence, and whips out her fantastically massive boobs. Believe us when we tell you she’s got one of the best racks we’ve ever seen!

Also guaranteed to get your pulses racing are cute blonde duo Andrea and Jana lezzing it up. They certainly got into the action, and we ended up shooting an absolutely sizzling set. Natasha’s another cracking girl, Anita is a sexy, sultry brunette, Cindy looks ultra cute in her saucy pigtails, we’re in the pink with Kat and her stunning undies and we welcome back old favourite Victoria. And to really round off another incredible line-up, everyone’s favourite bi-babe stunner Sandy pops in to share the scandalous secrets of her porno life in Model Behaviour.
Elsewhere, Super Marino looks at the best and craziest sexual positions, sexy porno agony aunt RenĂ©e dispense more valuable advice to those who’ve asked for it, our man in LA interrogates porno super hottie Audrey Bitoni, and we’ve got all the news, reviews, filth, smut, letters and nonsense you could possibly hope for.

And as if all that’s not good enough, UK readers will also find BONUS RED HOT DVD Seductive 3 attached to the magazine. Jam-packed with the hottest Euro talent available, see these girls get fucked right round the block and back again. And for those feeling really decadent, there’s a second movie on the disc, Sandy’s Club (which can be unlocked for the bargain price of £4.50), featuring loads of your favourite babes lezzing off just for you. Brilliant!

So there you have it, another sooper dooper issue of MensWorld, ready and waiting and ON SALE NOW. So what are you waiting for, get yourself down the newsagent and buy a copy before they’re all gone!

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Looking gorgeous as usual Hannah. Which is more than can be said for the hideous decor in your bedroom.
You cheeky sod! I did this all by myself the other weekend. Orange is my favourite colour and the stars represent the fact that I’m a porn star.

Indeed, and one of the finest pornstars on the planet at that.
You’re so kind. It makes me happy to know people love watching me get a good fucking. I enjoy my work and I’m proud of what I’ve achieved.

A far cry from the days when you worked in a fish and chip shop!
Ha ha! You have been doing your homework! That was my first proper job, and at the time I figured it might become my career. How things change, eh?

So you don’t see yourself opening your own chippy in the future then? ‘Horny Hannah’s Happy Haddocks’ perhaps…
Ha, I don’t think so. Maybe when I retire. Right now, though, I’m enjoying living in LA, having great sex, working for Sin City and getting into making my own movies. Somehow all that smelly grease and those awful pickled eggs pale in comparison.

I can see what you mean. Okay then, what about this idea for a movie – Hannah Harper’s Battered Sausages?
Yeah, battered because I’ve been fucking them so hard! To be fair, I do love driving my soaking pussy up and down on a big, solid prick, but your jokes really are fucking corny! Don’t call me, I’ll call you!

Originally published in MensWorld Volume 19 Number 4
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It's Nice Out!

As a general rule, Razzle shoots take place in the homes of horny young models, at discerning motel rooms the length and breadth of the nation's motorways, or in the occasional photographer's studio. So it's nice to get out in the open once in a while. Particularly if you're accompanied by a bird like Shay, who really doesn't care where and when she gives her fantastic body an airing. Bold as brass, this British babe is. We took her to a landmark near where she lived for a little bit of arts and culture, and all she wanted to do was flash her gash and tease the hell out of us. So be it… and if we happen to film a video of her wanking furiously in the back of a car, well, that's just one of the perks of the job!
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Wednesday, 25 June 2008


Just Girls, the magazine that puts the most beautiful girls in the world together under one cover, is now putting them together under one cover and on one blog. This blog right here. And we’d like to introduce ourselves with a sneak preview of the cover of the next issue featuring Kathy and Jana in a rather provocative poolside clinch and a timely reminder that we need to book our summer hols.

Get your copy of Just Girls vol. 26 no. 8 in newsagents from 10th July but check back here before then for a few more exclusive tasters of the tastiest girls in town. Actually, make that the tastiest girls on the planet.

Ben or Brenda Dover?

Ben Dover's been doing some character acting for his latest satellite project, and one of his co-stars very kindly snapped this pic on her camera phone and then sent it to me. Frankly, we find it wrong on so many levels, but what the hell, you judge for yourselves. If you find yourself becoming aroused, can I recommend a visit to to cure yourself?

Escort 28.7: Taste Of Things To Cum #1

With no British teams in Euro 2008 don’t expect to find any of our hot babes among the fans in Austria and Switzerland. Don’t worry though, as we’ve substituted the time we’d usually spend in the pub during the build-up to an England game for scouring the land for the wickedest wags and we’ve scored a blinder with Bolton wonder babe Louise. “I’m hoping Germany make it through to the final and win,” the saucy slut told us. “I’ve seen a few German pornos in my time and I get all my kinkiest ideas from them!”

See more of Louise and her impressive ball skills in Escort 28.7, on sale 3rd July.

Random porn. Is there anything finer?

Working on a magazine like Mayfair, it's virtually impossible not to build up a hefty collection of random, naked pictures. Most of them never make it in to the magazine, some because they're too rude (so expect some of those soon!), and others because they're just, well, random!

Over the next few weeks I'm going to be posting up whatever I can find, kicking around my hard drive or on the desk. There's no rhyme or reason to it, so don't expect any sort of pattern. We start off with a trip to Portugal a year or so ago...

Random bottoms

When Alexis May makes an offer you can't refuse...

And it would be rude not to sneak a look, really!

Finally, this is what happens when a bunch of British porn birds get pissed and start playing around on the couch with a speculum!

Club International 37.09

Exciting times in office Club, and eye-stalkingly stunning Boroka popped in with a couple of her chums to pay us a visit. Like the gentlemen we are, we got them to get their charlies out and do our work for us, while we sloped off down the pub. Check out Boroka's handiwork (and spot the deliberate spelling mistakes) in Club 37.09 - which'll be out in August!

Tit Bits: Euro 2008 Hot Girls

This site is dedicated to all sweet babygirls who love football. We love them too!

Click here for more

Tit Bits: Pamela Anderson to be Big Brother housemate

MEGA-BOOBS model Pamela Anderson is to enter the Big Brother house.

But sorry lads, she isn't joining our lot - she's been signed up for the Australian version of the show.

See full story here


What sort of cleaning products does luscious Leigh use? At a guess, we reckon Bounce, Flash and Cillit Bang must be stacked up in vole-titted Leigh's cupboards. We certainly fancy having a rough and tumble dry with this twin-tubbed baby!

Originally published in Escort Volume 27 Number 5
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Well, you certainly like your busty babes, don’t you? Sam was the cover star for our Anniversary Special issue, and as one of the mobile vote girls then, she creamed the opposition. Hardly surprising, given the fantastic pair of tits she’s blessed with, but it was an absolute pleasure for us to be able to give her a call and book her to come in for another close up look at those puppies! Once again, Sam was looking hot to trot, and by the time she got out the big guns you could have heard a pin drop in the studio.

Fantastic. So ,you asked to see her back, and here she is, Sam, in all her glory…

Originally published in Razzle Volume 25 Number 04
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Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Adele & Jelena

So, you two starred together in the splendid titty movie Busty Dream Tales. Are these the post shoot holiday snaps?
I guess you could say that. After watching Jelena in action and getting all hot and wet over those gorgeous boobs of hers, I just had to have them to myself for a while…

Yeah, so we hopped on a plane to somewhere sunny. We spent two weeks exploring each other’s deepest lesbian desires…fantastic!

With a queue of snappers following no doubt?
Adele: They were in the fucking trees and everything. We made sure we put on an extra horny show for them!
At one point we were on a beach towel by the pool
and Adele was sucking on my tits and fingering my soaking pussy. I opened my eyes for a split second and saw a photographer’s lens poking through the fence. Unbelievable!
And you didn’t tell them all to fuck off?
Hell no! I was loving the attention – they were like the paparazzi or something – and besides, most of the time I was too busy writhing around on Jelena’s tongue to even notice!
Jelena: If you’re enjoying orgasm, after orgasm, after orgasm, the last thing you’re worrying about is a bunch of cameras pointing at you. I just wanted some more orgasms!

And no doubt you got them, too!

Adele & Jelena:
You betcha baby!!

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Interview: Sophia Santi

This American hottie proves that you really can go from amateur porn sites to full-blown, anal-and-a-deep-throat, porn film stardom!

Where are you from?
I was born in Florida and nowadays I live in Los Angeles.

How did you get into the adult business?
I was 19-years-old when I started posing nude on small internet sites. Very soon after that I came to Los Angeles and started shooting for all the magazines. In 2005 I was selected Penthouse Pet Of The Year Runner Up. Soon after, I made my debut for Digital Playground.

What was it like stepping onto a porn set for the first time?
Oh, God! The set of my first porn movie, The Way Of The Dragon, was a lot of fun but also a little nerve-wracking. It was my first feature so I was on the spot. Also, I had to work with porn icon Janine Lindemuller. I was nervous but she made it amazing. The fact that I am still here proves that I like it. In the meantime, I made several other movies like Posh Kitten, Mrs. Behavin’, Virtual Sex With Sophia Santi, Teagan’s Juice, Island Fever 4, Jack’s Playground 32 and Tryst.

Which one would you like to be remembered for?
I guess I’d like to be remembered for my first one, The Way Of The Dragon, most of all. That’s where it all started. And second would be Island Fever 4, for which I spent a good and hot time on the island of Bora Bora with all of my sexy Digital Playground friends Jesse Jane, Jana Cova and Teagan Presley.

Who are your favourite co-stars?
In Peak: Diary Of A Voyeur, Jamie Lynn and I had a great scene just making out. We totally forgot the cameras were there! And Jesse Jayne is great, too – she is so into it! And male-wise, so far my favourite is Scott Nails.

Do you have a steady partner?
No, I have many lovers but no one serious bedroom pal.

What have you learned, sexually, from the business?
I learned how to feel sexy when I’m having sex. I have no inhibitions or insecurities any more.

Do you watch porn movies yourself?
I do watch porn, yes. I like arty porn like the style director Celeste does at Digital Playground (check out Celeste directed flicks like Icon, Repo Girl and Intoxicated!).
If you had the chance to make your own porn movie, what would it be like?
I would star in a 1940s style detective movie where I spy on a lot of hot people in their infidelities. And then have sex with all of them!

Are there any limits for you in sex?
I don’t like S&M – light bondage is as far as I’ll go.

What do you like most about your day job?
I like having sex in front of other people. It’s fun to be watched, it excites me.
What are your best qualities as a porn star?
Probably that I don’t look like your typical porn star. Also that I love what I do!

Do you masturbate?
Yes please! When I play with myself, I have to set a time limit or else I won’t stop! I can have multiples all day long, and toys are fun too.

What does sex mean to you?
It’s an intimate, sensual experience to be enjoyed with all the senses. Smells and sounds can be just as erotic as touch. And who doesn’t like to watch?!?

What has been your best sex experience, so far?
Having my pussy eaten at sunset on a mountain top. I love sex anywhere out in mother nature’s paradise.

What is your most sensitive body part?
My neck.

What is your biggest turn on?
Being manhandled. Show me who is the boss!

Does size matter?
Honestly? Yes. Anywhere between seven and nine inches is perfect. But there are exceptions to the rule. I’ve had great sex with men outside of that range just because they knew how to use it!

Are there still fantasies you want to live out?
Yes, and they all involve sex in places I’ve never been. I love to travel and I want to have sex in every country in the world… or at least most of them!

Do you actually come when you’re filming sex scenes?
Sometimes, not always. It depends on my partner and on the situation.

What’s your favourite position?
Missionary with my legs wrapped around your neck. It his the spot like that.

What’s the best thing about a come shot?
Tasting it!

What is the most bizarre or memorable scene you’ve ever shot?
I once shot a mutual masturbation scene with Scott Nails through plexiglass. It was really hot! Another memorable scene is the one where I abuse Jana Cova with a fur stole while she’s tied up.

What’s the weirdest place you’ve ever had sex off-screen?
In a New York city hotel hallway. It was late but still some people came in and saw us! Exciting!

Originally published in Men Only Volume 72 Number 11